Computer was an old Abit BH6 motherboard with a PII 233 cpu. Threw in all my old PC66 ram for a total of 96mb, though it runs exactly the same on 64mb. A Sounblaster Live I had laying around worked nicely and video is provided by an S3 Trio 8mb AGP card. An old 850mb HDD and 250W PSU used. Total cost was around $60 excluding the sound card I already had.

Both these pictures show the difficlutly in fitting the components in the cabinet. With a full size motherboard there was no room to mount it flat. The wood bracket is used to hold the monitor securely in place.

I shopped around for the smallest size 14" monitor I could find. This was it, an IBM. It was still a fraction too high when in the cabinet, the lid would not close fully. Problem solved by inserting 19mm x 19mm wood between the bottom of the wood case and the black metal case where they bolt together, again using existing screw and bolt holes. No picutre at this stage of that but you get the idea.

I decided against removing the monitor from the case simply because I was not sure what I was doing and the electrical charge held in the CRT can be dangerous or lethal.

The computer is turned on by a red push button, it does the same job as a power switch on a standard PC.