In the late 1970's and throughout the 1980's these cabinets were common place in almost every amusement arcade, hotel, take-away store and corner deli. Though there was some variation the majority had control panels that were flush with the sides, so that it was almost vertical. Some machines did have a more horizontal platform for a control panel but were less common.

The Australian cabinets were made by Leisure and Allied Industries and were all shipped with a metal compliance plate that contained unit serial number etc. My unit is #14490.

It took me two weeks to track down anyone who had cabinets at all and would sell me one. I live within a kilometre of one of the major amusement retailers/suppliers in Adelaide who flat out refused to sell me an empty unit. Apparently the original cabinets are becoming scarce and somewhat of a collectors item.
This I'm not sure about, above is what greeted me when I finally got my hands on what was described as a cabinet in "reasonable" condition. The chrome legs were completely rusted, the top had been cut and recut many times, there was no glass and the corner glass clips were rusted. There were no control panels at all, only the holes where they should go and the woodwork was scratched badly. A bargain at $100...or so I was told.

Cabinet was totally cleaned out including coin mechanism.

I cut a new top out of MDF, gave that to a glazier who used it as a template to cut the new glass, undercoated the top, painted it and the monitor bezel flat black. I cleaned the legs with wire brush attachment on the angle grinder before sending them off to the metal shop for re welding and straightening.