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Update: Feb, 2006. I've won a mamey. Huzzah! (",)


   other aussie style cocktail cabinets

I've curated some of the other 'aussie' style MAME cocktail cabinet projects, reviews, restorations and plans out there. More properly these are 'Japanese' style and appeared in European and American arcades too. In general they somewhat resemble a school desk. Japanese companies like Taito, Nintendo and Sega made variations. In Australia we had Hankin and LAI (Leisure and Allied Industries) which dominated the field. Anyway us aussies call these types of cabs 'Aussie' because we never saw any other type! In fact several of these examples aren't even in Australia. But i'm glad that was the only type we had because i think these look great. I've been in love with my MAME cocktail cabinet since i built it and so here is a chance for others to feel the love. I really think there is absolutely no better way to play Space Invaders, Frogger, Pacman or Galaga than sitting at a cocktail cab. Sounds like a plan (",)

( Sadly some of the sites I had listed have disappeared over time. I had the foresight to save some of them so if the link doesn't go to the original site it will go to a list with the dead sites mirrored. )

   scratch built cabs

The cocktail lounge (this is the guy that inspired me. mine is very similar to his. and obviously inspired the name of my page too!)

An excellent Hankin cab, actually about 6 of them!


Dakka's Aussie cocktail. Similar mame cab to mine but with 17" monitor

Another cab based on the dimensions i used. Features really cool double upright legs

   renovated arcade machines

www.aleax.com good site about converting a taito cab to mame. includes some dimensions.


mickeys cocktail cab conversion

chablis's renovated Jatre Spectar (Space Invaders Clone) cabinet 

A Frogger restoration in progress

Mark's Mame Taito cocktail cabinet

The Mame Cave. Features a Hankin cab converted to MAME

A mame conversion utilising the original JAMMA harness. good info on setting up and some pics

A site documenting IPM Invader. Lots of info here on the game including some photos

Cory Feldmans table for two. Great conversion wth movable control panels.

John's Arcade. Some pics and a video of an original Nintendo Popeye cocktail cab.

Chopperthedog's Space Invaders Part II conversion

   aussie cocktail plans

a 3d rendering of a taito cab. nice exploded view

Player One is the champ who went to the trouble of measuring up his machine. i used his drawings to build mine

dimensions for the hankin cab featured in the Mame cave

a directory with many photos (huge!) of a taito cab and a ruler for dimensions

a drawing of a taito cab with some dimensions (no details like legs or coin doors)

some very detailed drawings of an LAI (similar to my cab) from Foot at aussiearcade.com

if you can't log into aussiearcade, here are the drawings 1 2 3

Kaizen's 17/21" LAI/Taito plans (with lots of build pic)

If you have an 'aussie/japanese' style cab let me know and i'll add it to the list.


THE site for advice on aussie cocktails and much more

 aussie arcade forum

 My rotating monitor cocktail cabinet uses MAME32



Last updated 27 August 2021. Covid edition! I actually have my computer sitting on top of the cocktail cab while I'm editing this.