Satan likes poopoo

One day a long time ago, in the days of Napster i downloaded a tune called 'Satan likes poopoo'. Why? Who knows, just one of those things you do- get bored and type in a random word and see what comes up. I think the word was poopoo...

Some years later, my curiosity got the better of me as the tune had no band credited to it. i googled the name to see what came up. No direct information except that someones playlist of favourite tunes included it. There was an email address so I tried my luck. Here is my query and the reply from July, 2004 (amazingly i still had the email):

can you tell me what you know about the tune 'satan likes poopoo' ?
downloaded it years ago but i have no idea who did it. i cant go to my
grave not knowing. maybe i should just let it go, but this is my


Never let go! I discovered the thing a few years ago and I knew that
there was somehow a connection to the velvet teen. I did some research
and asked around to find out that it was an independent project put
together by some 8 people or so, including Judah and Logan. I have no
idea why they did it but 4 versions were on mp3.com until it shut down.
Hopefully I helped shed some light on it.
cheers or something,

So there you go, this page may be the most comprehensive resource for that song!

The song in question:

Satan likes poopoo


23/10/09: Holy crap! More info! http://www.garageband.com/artist/loganwhitehurst_2/podcast/newsletter

28/05/12: Sadly, Logan Whitehurst succumbed to a brain tumor on December 3rd, 2006.

22/05/20: This MUST be related