Cabinet Diagram and Measurements

FOR the purposes of these measurements, I will disasemble the below diagram and show the measurements piece by piece. All measurements are in inches. Please note that this diagram was made with Windows' Paint program; a draftsman, I'm not.
The Counter Top is 34" by 22". The cut-out for the control panel is 17" wide and is centered on each side. The window for the monitor is 12" by 12". The counter top is hinged to allow access to the inside of the box.
The Lid is the part directly below the counter top. It is 32.5" by 20.5". The opening for the control panel matches the one for the counter top, except that it's shallower by about .75". It is attached to the lower body of the cabinet.
The Control Panel is 17" wide. The height at the short end (the front) is 1.75". The side edges (going from top to bottom) on the front are rounded out, not angular. The height at the rear is 3.25". The top depth is 5.25" and the bottom depth is slightly more at about 5.3" (tho' this seems wrong... have to double-check). The actual panel bezel is 14.5" by 3.75".
The Body is 29.5" long by 15.75" wide at the top and 11" wide at the bottom. The height of the body pieces are 16.5", except under the control panel where it is 14" from the bottom of the panel to the base of the cabinet.
The Foot is 1.75" wide by 17.5" long. The Leg is 11" long with 7" overlapping the side of the cabinet. The bottom of the cabinet is 5.5" from the floor (so the foot is about .5" tall). Three bolts hold the legs to the cabinet, and the legs appear to be one piece with the feet, but probably aren't.
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